I have never put out recycling before, do I have to call to be added to the route?
For most situations, it is not necessary. However, you may call Hartel’s/DBJ Disposal at 218-729-5446 and let them know you are a new recycler; they will be able to help with any question you may have.

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1. Do I have to be home in order to get a recycling cart?
2. Where does the recycling cart go, at the curb or the alley?
3. Do I have to sort the recycled materials in the cart?
4. How close together do the trash cart and the recycling cart have to be?
5. What if I don’t need such a big cart? What if I need a bigger cart?
6. What is that number on the side of the cart?
7. Is recycling mandatory?
8. When will my recycling be collected?
9. Where do I find the collection schedule for my neighborhood?
10. Who is collecting the recycling?
11. Will the trash and the recycling be picked up at the same time?
12. Will my garbage pickup schedule change?
13. What time does my recycling have to be out in the alley on collection day?
14. What do I do with the old recycling bin?
15. I have never put out recycling before, do I have to call to be added to the route?
16. I don’t have much recycling, can I still use my recycling bin?
17. Do the bins go in the alley too?
18. If I don’t have any recycling and skip putting out the cart, will they drop me from the route?
19. Do I have to sort the cans, glass and plastic bottles?
20. What about newspapers and magazines?
21. What about aerosol cans?
22. Can I put my recycling in a plastic bag?
23. Is corrugated cardboard accepted?
24. What if my recycling cart is lost or broken?
25. If I move, do I take my cart with me?
26. What items are not recyclable?
27. What if I move to a new house and there is no recycling cart?
28. How much do the carts cost?
29. Can businesses use the carts too?