Environmental Services


51 East First Street
Superior, WI 54880



Name Title Email Phone Additional Phone
Abramson, Erin CS Engineering & Operations Manager ext. 1015  
Baker, Bonnie Operations ext. 1030  
Berka, Jim Collections ext. 1013  
Carpenter, Carter Civil Engineering Technician ext. 1003  
Champaigne, Erica Staff Assistant ext. 1000  
DeGuire, Lisa Water Resource Program Coordinator ext. 1041  
Dunaiski, Bryan Operations ext. 1030  
Fink, Asher Environmental Engineering Technician ext. 1020  
Forseth, Dan Collections ext. 1030  
Galo, Mike   ext. 1028  
Garrity, Sara Operations ext. 1030  
Granlund, Amanda Staff Assistant ext. 1005  
Gunderson, Brett Civil Engineering Tech ext. 1004  
Högfeldt, Megan Water Resources Specialist ext. 1033  
Homstad, Amy Environmental Engineering Technician ext. 1002  
Keppers, Adelle Water Resources Specialist ext. 1018  
Krick, Michael Water Resources Specialist ext 1043  
Kroseman, Paul IS Database Analyst ext. 1007  
Lambert, Chuck Collections ext. 1013  
Lucci, Maxwell Laboratory Supervisor ext. 1032  
Martineau, Jerry Collections ext. 1013  
Puglisi, Amy Asset Management Maximo Specialist ext. 1044  
Pearson, Keith Collections ext. 1013  
Pollak, Chad Safety and Loss Prevention Coordinator ext. 1022  
Pollock, David Combined Sewer Engineering Coordinator ext. 1017  
Polson, Kristina Chemist ext. 1019  
Rausch, Andrew Environmental Engineering Technician ext. 1039  
Roberts, Steve Environmental Services Director ext. 1034  
Ross, Shana Utility Billing Clerk ext. 1021  
Sampson, Ida Stormwater and Adminstrative Services Manager ext. 1031  
Shamla, Jon Wastewater Operations Manager ext. 1008  
Shelton, Seth Operations ext. 1030  
Simmonds, Mark Operations and Maintenance Supervisor ext. 1047  
Smith, Theresa Chemist ext. 1029  
Unger, Mark WW Facilities Planning Coordinator ext. 1006  
VanOvermeiren, Joseph Collection System Working Foreman ext. 1037  
Williams, Nick Environmental Engineer Technician (Stormwater Televising) ext. 1009