Green Infrastructure Code Audit

In 2017, the City of Superior was awarded a grant through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Urban Nonpoint Source & Stormwater Planning Grant Program for the following project: Green Infrastructure Code Audit.

This grant will continue to allow the City of Superior to identify barriers to implementing green infrastructure in current city codes and ordinances. City staff and leaders will use the workbook “Tackling Barriers to Green Infrastructure: An Audit of Municipal Codes and Ordinances” developed by WI Sea Grant. In addition, the necessary revision will be made to our Stormwater Management Program based on the outcome of the audit.

Learn more about the code audit on the Wisconsin Sea Grant website.

DNR Urban Nonpoint Source & Stormwater Planning Grant Award Letter

Green Infrastructure Code Audit Handbook


As a part of this work, the City of Superior updates Stormwater Program Documents and specific codes and ordinances identified in the audit. 

Ordinances that have been successfully updated as part of this project include:

  • Sump Pump and Rain Barrel Ordinance (#O20-4199, Sec. 104-252)
  • Native Lawn Ordinance (#O19-4172, Sec. 104-260(2)e)
  • Compost Ordinance (#O19-4172, Sec. 104-266)
  • Water Quality - Stream and Bluff Set-back Ordinance (#O19-4168, Sec. 122-670 through 671)
  • Buffers and Parking Lot Landscaping  (#O19-4146, Sec. 122-723 and Sec. 122-725 through 726)
  • Erosion Control Ordinance (#O19-4138, Sec. 34-191 through 224)
  • Curb Cut Ordinance (#O19-4137, Sec. 106-110 through 119)