Canoe/Kayak Rack Rental Program

​Canoe/Kayak Rack Rental Program Details

Canoe and kayak storage rack space will be available for rental May 1 through October 15.

There are six racks at each of the following locations:
  • Barker's Island
  • 21st Street Landing
  • Woodstock Bay Landing (at the end of N 28th Street). There is an accessible kayak launch/dock at this site.
Superior Residents may apply beginning February 1st.
Non-Residents may apply beginning April 12st.

Payment for the storage rack must be included with the rental application. Applications will not be processed or approved without payment. For additional information, contact Superior Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department at (715) 395-7270 or via email.

Download and fill out a Canoe/Kayak Rental application.
  • The City of Superior will recognize only one person whose signature appears on the application as being the responsible holder of the storage rack rental permit. At no time may this individual sub-lease or receive money for the use of the rented storage rack.

Details About Canoe/Kayak Security and Liability

  • Renters assume all risks to persons and/or property. The City of Superior is not liable for any injury, damage, or loss that may occur including vandalism, theft and/or weather.
  • Watercraft must be secured to the boat storage rack.
  • Renters are responsible for providing their own locking devices.
  • Renters must secure BOTH the front and rear of the watercraft to the rack to prevent it from coming loose during high winds.
  • Owner must ensure the canoe/kayak is reasonably secured in its assigned rack space and will not pose any danger to any passerby's.
  • Premises are to be left in original condition upon termination of permit period.
  • The storage rack unit may only be used for the one canoe/or (up to two) kayaks listed on  application.
  • Renter's canoe/kayak may be removed from the rack at the expense of the owner at any time if such removal is necessary to protect the public health, safety, or welfare.
  • Canoe/kayak rack rentals will not be ongoing from season to season. All applicants must reapply each year. Returning renters will be given priority to select their rack and location from the previous year.
  • Returning renters have the option to switch to a different location beginning February 1st at 8 a.m. The storage of two kayas is acceptable, as long as it does not impede the use of adjacent racks by other renters.

Canoe/Kayak Removal

  • Any watercraft without a permit will be removed from the storage rack by the City.
  • Parks Staff reserves the right to cut any lock and remove watercraft, under any conditions it deems necessary for the function of the boat storage program.
  • All watercrafts must be removed no later than October 15th. Any watercraft left on the storage racks after October 15th may be impounded. A service charge ($50 minimum) will be required for owners to reclaim their watercraft. As well, such impoundment will incur a daily storage charge ($5/day). If watercraft is not claimed by April 1st of the following calendar year, the property is then forfeited to the City of Superior to use, dispose of or be sold at auction, as the City deems appropriate.


  • There will be NO REFUNDS of a canoe/kayak rack rental fee for any reason.
Check out the canoe/kayak stands that have been installed at: Barker's Island, North 21st Street Boat Launch and Woodstock Bay Landing (at the end of North 28th Street).

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