Treating Ash Trees in the Public Right-of-Way

Treating an Ash Tree Located in the Public Right-of-Way

Since the emerald ash borer (EAB) attacks both healthy and stressed ash and kills them in a short period of time after infestation, the City of Superior has started to remove all ash trees located in the public right-of-way.

Residents have the option to treat ash trees in the public right-of-way at their own expense, but only with a permit issued by the City Forester. The permit allows treatment with an injection system with plugs, not a soil drench or drip-line drench. Residents should contact a tree service company to get a quote for treatment. Treatment runs about $10 per diameter inch (e.g, 12-inch diameter tree = $120) and must be done by a qualified pesticide applicator.

If you decide to treat a tree located in the public right-of-way, submit a Tree Permit to Parks and Recreation for approval. A signed copy will be returned to you. In this way, the City can keep track of ash trees that have been treated. Note: If a treated municipal tree becomes a hazard to the public, the City reserves the right to remove it.