Code Compliance

Thank you for visiting the City of Superior Code Compliance web page. It is the mission of the Code Compliance office to promote the maintenance and upkeep of residential and commercial properties through unbiased and equitable enforcement of the Superior Municipal Code of Ordinances. Our goal is to gain voluntary compliance through communication, education and guidance, with punitive action taken as a last resort.

We welcome the assistance of the public when it comes to identifying areas that need attention from our staff. Please contact our office at at the phone number or email on the right of this page with questions, concerns, or to report a problem. Please include the exact address of the violation  if possible, and give us your name and phone number or email address so we can follow up with you if necessary.

Complaints will be investigated within 96 hours. Enforcement action will be taken in order of priority based on severity of violations.

Follow this link to view the entire City of Superior Code of Ordinances.


When a code compliance officer photographs a violation such as a discarded mattress, appliance or other item of debris – the property owner whose property it is located on, or adjacent to, at the time of the photograph will be held responsible for its removal and disposal. (SCO 58-2, 58-4)

We understand how frustrating it is for property owners who try to keep their properties in compliance with the city code, and fall victim to illegal dumping. The responsibility of removing and properly disposing of the illegally dumped debris still falls on the property owner. However, identifying information found among illegally dumped debris, photographs or video of the offender in the act, and eye witnesses willing to testify in court have all been useful in prosecuting illegal dumpers in the past.

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