Law Enforcement Memorial

Honoring Fallen Wisconsin Officers

Every year during National Police Memorial week in May, hundreds of Wisconsin Police Officers, Sheriff Deputies and State Troopers, pay tribute to fallen officers at the State Law Enforcement Memorial in Madison. This memorial dedicated in 1998 is inscribed with the names of Wisconsin Officers that have died in the line of duty. Unfortunately, the Memorial will never be totally completed as we know additional officers will pay the ultimate sacrifice of giving their lives to protect and serve their communities in our state. Our department has always supported this important event at the State Capital.

Superior Police Department Memorial

Our City and Department has it’s own Police Memorial which is in the atrium of the Government Center. Each May we hold a memorial service here to recognize the members of our department who have died in the line of duty. Our memorial which is pictured, is inscribed with the following “In Honor Of Those Who Have Died And Dedicated To Those Who Live And Serve”. It also is engraved with the names of fallen Superior Police Officers.
  • Officer Roy Willard Jackson, Born: June 25, 1871 - Died: April 13, 1911 of a gunshot wound
  • Officer Finlay Beaton, Born: January 7, 1871 - Died: July 27, 1919 of a gunshot wound
  • Sergeant Arthur H. Zimmerman, Born: June 29, 1884 - Died: December 3, 1929 of a gunshot wound
  • Officer Edward B. Retzer, Born: December 16, 1904, Died: May 16, 1963 of heart failure.

In 2002, through research we determined that two additional Superior officers had died in the line of duty. They were added to our memorial, and were recognized at our memorial service. Their names are Constable A.G. (Adolf) Jacobson who died of a gunshot wound on April 18, 1941, and Sgt. Robert John Fulton, who was struck by a car while directing traffic on April 23, 1948. Their names have also been added to the State memorial in Madison, and the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington, D.C.

We will never forget the sacrifices of our fallen comrades, and we our proud of our memorial and the State Memorial in Madison.