Whether you enjoy walking, running, rollerblading, biking or riding your ATV/UTV or snowmobile, there are trails in the city that you can use to explore the beauty that our area has to offer!

  1. Motorized Trails
  2. Non-Motorized Trails
  3. Mountain Bike Trail Loops

Year Round ATV/UTV Road/Alley Route

On 11/07/18, the City Council voted to approve an all season ATV/UTV route.   The newly designated route will be open for use on Friday, November 16th, 2018.  

For an overview of the route, click on the "citywide" map below.  Additional maps zoom in on various portions throughout the City.

Please look closely at the legend on the map, as some routes/trails are "winter only" (in blue).  Year round routes/trails are in red.

Citywide map

North 28th Street Southeast map

North 28th Street Southwest map

North 28th Street North map

The route will allow ATV/UTV traffic on specific streets designated as ATV/UTV routes. Recent changes to State law gave municipalities the ability to create these designated routes:

"A city, village, or town may enact an ordinance to authorize the operation of all-terrain vehicles and utility terrain vehicles on a highway that is not part of the national system of interstate and defense highways, that has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour or less, and that is located within the territorial boundaries of the city, village, or town regardless of whether the city, village, or town has jurisdiction over the highway”. Wis. Stat. s. 23.33(11)(am)4

Winter Motorized Trails

McClure's Landing Road and the Badger Drive Fishermen's Parking Lot are both open for the 2021-2022 season.
All other winter routes are currently closed. We will update this page and the City of Superior's Facebook page when they are open. These include: The Tri-County Corridor/Osaugie Trail (to Barker’s Island), The Crosstown Trail and The Superior Municipal Forest motorized trails.

To view winter motorized routes/trails, click on the Citywide map posted above in "Year Round ATV/UTV" section.  Winter routes/trails are in BLUE. 

St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail

The St. Louis River Estuary National Water Trail is a multi-use waterway enabling the public to experience the St. Louis River Estuary amidst the urban landscape of the Twin Ports. The Water Trail map includes 11 loop trails for paddlers of all skill levels and abilities and is intended for various watercraft uses including paddling, boating, and fishing. Learn more about the Water Trail.

Take a look at this video highlighting the beautiful water trail. 

St. Louis River Water Trail Map