Fire Department

Mission Statement

 It is the mission of the Superior Fire Department to preserve life, property, and the environment; to promote public safety and foster economic growth. It is our goal to safely provide the highest quality of service to the Superior Community.

Our Core Services
Emergency Medical Service
Hazardous Material Response
Fire Education, Investigation, and Inspection
It is our pledge as members of the Superior Fire Department to strive for excellence in all we do and to serve the public with humility and integrity.

Our Core Values

 As a Superior Firefighter we will 
Respect all people and property. We will remain Committed to being involved in our community and promoting the fire department as a positive force within the community. We will maintain Readiness to assure confidence in our ability to perform to the highest level when we are asked to do so. We will show Compassion as we perform our duties.

Superior Fire Department Headquarters
 Superior Fire Department Headquarters with the sun setting on the building
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