IMG_0070Finance Department Mission Statement To implement financial policies and procedures that are consistently monitored and reviewed to maintain the financial integrity of the city and its related agencies. To be responsible for the overall financial management of the city, the Finance Department ensures that generally accepted accounting standards are followed and appropriate internal controls are in place to safeguard city financial assets.

About the Finance Department and Summary of Services

The Finance Department is responsible for the overall financial management of the city. The department administers the city-wide operating budget and plays a key role in every financial transaction. Services provided by the department include fiscal oversight, accounting, analysis, audit, debt management, investments, purchasing, budgeting, cash handling, payroll and billing collections. Our primary organizational purpose is to provide these services to all departments so that municipal services continue to be delivered to our residents and business community without delay.
Our mission is carried out by a competent, honest, reliable and adequately staffed department which is dedicated to excellent standards of service, conduct and professionalism which are not only crucial in the finance and accounting industries but are expected of public employees.

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