Septic Haulers

Hauled waste is wastewater transported by truck and discharged at our hauler’s statseptic truckion (at the Screen Building of the City's Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP).

Hauled waste might be holding tank waste, septic tank waste, chemical toilet wastewater, grease trap waste, or commercial and industrial wastewater. This waste requires special infrastructure and creates additional maintenance expenses. 

Recreational haulers (campers) are not accepted at the City of Superior's WWTP.

Below are list search sites to find a business or campsite that accept campers:

To address the infrastructure and maintenance requirements, new Hauled Waste Fees were accepted by the Superior City Council, and City Ordinance 114-62 was updated in 2018.

Hauler Permit:

Haulers using the City of Superior’s Wastewater Treatment Plant must purchase an initial permit for $75. The annual fee to retain hauler access to the WWTP is $25 for each subsequent year.

Steps to submit an initial permit:

Download and complete the Waste Transporter Authorization Application.

Completed forms and a check can be delivered or mailed to:
Environmental Services Division
51 E 1st St.
Superior, WI 54880

Or email to

Hauled Waste Fixed Fee:

The hauled waste fixed fee is 2.5 times the connected fixed fee and is applied to each truckload of hauled waste (example below). 

Hauled Waste Fixed Fee: $4.50 x 2.5 = $11.25/truckload

The fixed fee covers the administrative costs for billing services. Haulers are manually billed, requiring a haulers’ station where quantities and type of waste are recorded, an in-house database system to organize and sum the various haulers, volumes, types of waste, etc. and generation of each hauler bill.

Hauled Waste Variable fee:

  • The above hauler rates reflect the reductions in the fixed and variable sewage fees from $5.50 to $4.50 and $ 7.71 to $7.50 respectively. These rate changes are effective January 1, 2024.

The variable fee is based on the volume and load characteristics of the hauled waste. Holding tank waste is generally more concentrated than sewer sanitary wastewater. Therefore the rate is 1.4 times the residential volume rate per equivalent unit of volume. Septage tank waste is very concentrated, which the rate is 3.5 times the holding tank rate. Connected users are charged based on CCFs or 100 cubic feet of wastewater. Haulers are charged based on 1000 gallons. There are 748 gallons in a CCF. 

Residential Variable Fee expressed in gallons:
$7.50 /CCF × 748 gallons per CCF/1000 gallons=$10.03 per thousand gallons + $11.25 Truckload fee
Holding Tank Variable Fee:
$10.03 x 1.4 = $14.04 per thousand gallons + $11.25 Truckload fee
Septic Tank Variable Fee:
$14.04 × 3.5 = $49.14 per thousand gallons + $11.25 Truckload fee
Grease Load OR Industrial Load:
$150 per thousand gallons + $11.25 Truckload fee

Industrial and Non-Typical Waste requires pre-approval before it is discharged to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. Learn more about Industrial Waste regulations on the City of Superior Pretreatment Program webpage.