Make Your Vote Count

Make Sure Your Absentee Ballot Gets Counted 

Absentee ballots are rejected for the following reasons:

  • Voter has not signed the absentee ballot certificate envelope.
  • Voter has not had a witness sign the absentee certificate envelope.
  • Voter has not registered to vote at their current address.
  • Ballot has not been received by the City Clerk's Office by Election Day.  
    • NOTE: Because ballots are now processed on Election Day at our Central Count Poll Site in the Government Center, your completed ballot envelopes can no longer be accepted by your poll site on Election Day.  If you choose to hold onto your ballot envelope until Election Day, you must return it directly to Suite 200 (or the official drop box just outside) of the Superior Government Center. 

The City Clerk's Office strongly encourages absentee voters to take the following precautions:

  • Either vote absentee in the Clerk's Office, or carefully read the instruction letter that you receive with your ballot.
  • Mail your absentee ballot back to the Clerk's Office as early as possible.  The envelope must be received by election day, in order to be counted.
  • Make sure you sign the certificate envelope on the line marked "Signature of Voter".
  • Make sure your witness signs the certificate envelope on the line marked "Signature of Witness."
  • Make sure the certificate envelope is sealed.
  • If you have moved, you must register to vote at your new address. Crossing out the address on your absentee label and writing in your new address, does not update your voter registration.

Additional Information

Contact the City Clerk's Office at 715-395-7200 if you have any further questions/concerns.  Or visit the Wisconsin Elections Commission website.