Voter Registration Changes

The following changes to voter registration are effective immediately:

  • Voters may no longer register to vote the Saturday, Sunday or Monday before an election. However, you may still register to vote at your polling place on Election day.
  • Voters may no longer use a corroborating witness as proof of residence when registering to vote.
  • You must reside at your address for 28 consecutive days to be eligible to vote.
  • Voters registering by mail still need to send proof of residence.
  • Voters are now required to sign or make their mark on the poll book before receiving a ballot. There is an exemption for voters who are unable to sign the poll book due to disability.
  • The new law eliminates straight party voting for everyone but Military and permanent overseas voters.

*Voter Education 

We ask that you help spread the word about the new regulations. The City Clerk's Office goal is for all eligible voters to be able to cast a ballot and have that ballot be counted.

Contact the City Clerk's office for more information:

  • Main Line - 715-395-7200