Voter List Requests

Voter Data Fees

Requested voter lists have a base fee of $25. Additionally, there is a fee of $5 for every thousand records returned by the request, rounded up to the nearest thousand. The fee is capped at $12,500. If the request would cost more than that amount, it will instead cost $12,500. 

Please also note that state law requires the City Clerk's Office to charge you the same fee that you would be required to pay using Badger Voters

Data Available at the City Clerk's Office

If you are in need of a voter list for any reason, the City Clerk's Office staff can pull the data for you (and manipulate it per your specifications) upon request.

Data Now ALSO Available Online 

If you are computer savvy and would rather download and manipulate your own data, you can now do that at your convenience by visiting the Badger Voters website. This site, which is managed by the Wisconsin Election Commission, offers self-serve voter lists and absentee application information which is pulled directly from the state's voter records. 

Example of how to use Badger Voters

  • Visit the WEC website: Badger Voters 
  • Click the “Get Started” button
  • Click the Voter Data radial button/tab (system defaults to this page)
    • Voter Status defaults to “Active” – if you want Inactive or All, make that choice from the dropdown
  • Select your query criteria. 
    Note: If the criteria you seek isn't visible (like an Aldermanic District or ward), you might need to select your county and municipality before it is displayed as an option on your screen. 
    • Election: 2020 General Election
    • County (all the way at the bottom of choices): Douglas
    • County Supervisory: 3
  • Click the Estimate button to see how many records meet the selected criteria and a cost for the file ($25 base fee + $5 for every 1000 records).
  • Click Create Request – you will be directed to the Department of Administration site to submit payment (you will need to allow pop-ups in this process).


  • After completing your payment, log back into your Badger Voters account to refresh your account and immediately access to your purchased the data (CSV file).

Note: Until you click Create Request, you can continue to make changes to the selected options, you will just need to click the Estimate button after any changes to update the request. If you create a request and then determine/realize it does not include a parameter you wanted, you can submit a new request without any issue. You are not required to purchase a list because the request is created, you would only pay for the data request you want.


Additional information about Badger Voters (including sample spreadsheet and data elements, listed under "What data is available?”) can be found on the Badger Voters FAQ page.