North 28th Street & Tower Avenue Sanitary Sewer


Project Start Date: Spring 2023

Location: Between Banks Avenue and Tower Avenue (STH 35) from North 28th Street to North 29th Street (Superior Choice Credit Union parking lot).

Timeline: Construction to be completed within 25 working days

Road Closures: temporary closure of Superior Choice Credit Union parking lot.

Sanitary sewer segment MH090056-MH090055 is composed of an 8-inch Vitrified Clay Pipe (VCP) that conveys sewage from businesses on the twenty-eight hundred block of Tower Avenue and Banks Avenue to the Wastewater Treatment Plant. During a routine inspection by Environmental Services Division engineering staff in 2021, sanitary segment MH090056-MH090055 was discovered to have multiple defects. Such defects include broken/cracked pipes and reserve slope which is preventing proper flow in the system that needs to be cleaned regularly.

The Environmental Services Division staff have conducted in-house design engineering for a construction project that will replace multiple segments of sanitary sewer. The project includes removing the existing 8-Inch Vitrified Clay Pipe, removal of three pre-cast manholes, installing an 8-Inch Polyvinyl Chloride Pipe, and three concrete manholes. The existing asphalt parking lot, which is located on private property, will be reconstructed to pre-construction conditions.

City Webpage Map - N28 St Tower Ave Sanitary Sewer Replacement


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