Fire Prevention

Fire Prevention Programs

All department staff members, under the direction of the Fire Chief and the Fire Inspector, perform Fire Prevention Inspections and enforcement of Fire Codes.

 Educational programs include visiting elementary schools each year offering  fire prevention education.  We also offer fire prevention education to families who home school their children.  These programs are typically offered in the fall of each year. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

A picture of a firefighter in school gymnasium, donning his fire gear

The department offers visits to any fire station for groups to learn more about our operations and fire safety. Please call headquarters at 715-395-1680 to schedule.  The department will provide business based fire education in fire extinguishers, escape plans and fire safety. Throughout the year the department will attend various special events in our community to offer fire prevention materials/education.   If requested, the department will visit homes and offer fire safety tips and suggestions for an evacuation plan.