City of Superior Truck Tracker

The City of Superior has partnered with Verizon Connect and SnowPaths to add GPS tracking capability to some trucks within our Public Works fleet. This tool allows the city to physically track the location of the vehicles. However, the benefits go beyond physical location. The tool provides a wealth of additional data that helps the Street Division manage operations effectively and efficiently.

 Tracking is currently available for the city’s four sanders. These are the main winter patrol trucks. These four trucks are the first out during winter weather events. They have a wide range of responsibilities including snow plowing, keeping our major streets and highways open, and applying salt and sand throughout the city. The sanders are used during every winter weather event. They work together in tandem on the highways. Each also is responsible for an individual route throughout the city. Only Primary (highway) and Secondary (main collector) routes are currently tracked.  Tracking of residential streets is not available at this time.  
The city is making the live map that shows the location of the four sander trucks available to the public. Citizens are often wondering if the plow trucks are out. Accessing the tracking tool will show where each sander is anywhere within the city during a snow event. It is hoped that this will be a good informational tool for the public.
The tracking tool can be accessed through a web browser and on mobile devices. To access the SnowPath portal, please use the link below or click on the photo. 

There will be two map options. The first is the 'Status', which will display the roads that have been plowed in the past 24 hours. The second tab is the 'Priority', which will display the priority level of each road within the city.

*Note* The sanders ONLY service the primary and secondary routes. Other (non-GPS’d) units service the residential routes. See the Winter Road Maintenance page for a description of the sanding routes.

SnowPaths Example

The City of Superior is always working to improve our service and our communication with our citizens. It is hoped that this tracking tool will help to communicate when city plows are active. The city also communicates with the public before and during snowstorms through News Flashes on our City of Superior Website and our Facebook page. The public can also sign-up through the Notify Me page of our city website to receive automated emails on a multitude of different topics.
Additional details on the city’s approach to snow and ice removal can be found in our Winter Snow and Ice Management Policy. 
 Any questions or concerns regarding this plow tracking tool or about snow plowing in general can be directed to the Public Works Street Division at 715-394-0244.