ORB365: a community art collaborative

Superior residents, businesses, classrooms, and organizations are encouraged to join the ORB365 community art collaborative! steve-flike-2-01.28.2021

Participants will pledge to prevent water pollution for the year. The participant's pledge is symbolized by ice orb(s). The ice orbs represent each day that clean water is important to them. The community goal is to make 365 ice orbs!

 The ice orbs will be assembled in the shape of Lake Superior to create a community art sculpture as part of the Lake Superior Ice Festival

Pledge examples:  I pledge to pick up trash on daily walks.

Pictured are Steve (top pic) and Kima (bottom pic) helping to create the ORB365 Lake Superior Ice Sculpture. Thank you, volunteers, for your willingness to contribute to this community art collaboration!


Step 1: Pledge to protect our waterways richards-pup-01.28.2021

­Step 2: Pick up or Receive balloons 

  •   Once you submit a pledge form, you will be contacted to schedule a time for a balloon drop/pick-up.

Step 3: How to make ice orbs (directions listed below)

Step 4: Deliver frozen orbs to Barker’s Island on the last Thursday in January before the festival. Or request a pick-up! 

Step 5: Join in the festival fun at the Lake Superior Ice Festival and see the ORB365 display!